It seems like an easy thing to do right? We all take a picture of something at some point, usually with our phone or point & shoot, & the pictures usually come out ok. If we ask you to send a picture of a part of your body, it’s because we need to see the area where you want a tattoo. We need to see it a certain way, that’s natural & undistorted. Sometimes if we can’t get an actual tracing of the area, we will sketch your design right on the photo, so it’s important for it to be a certain way! Here’s a few guidelines to taking a good photo…

  1. Selfies don’t work. Don’t take a picture in the mirror!
  2. Have a friend take the picture. Self-taken photos are usually at some weird angle that totally doesn’t work!
  3. Go outside to take the picture during the day. The lighting in your house sucks, and so does the flash on your camera… turn it off!
  4. When having your photo taken, stand in a natural relaxed way. Head facing forward, arms at your sides. Don’t lift your body part to the camera, move the camera!
  5. Tell whoever is taking the picture to keep the camera parallel to the body part, and to nearly fill the frame with the area to be tattooed.